Amazons (1986) Review

Mystery and excitement await as you enter the fantastic medieval world of the Amazons, where magic reigns supreme and betrayal looms at every turn! In order to defeat the evil wizard Kalungo and his vicious minions, the Amazons must recover a talisman sword whose whereabouts have remained unknown for 500 years. Only the beautiful young warrior, Dyala, has the vision needed to retrieve the sword. She is joined on her mission with the lovely Tashi, her sworn rival, on a perilous journey against the power of Kalungo’s magic, the savagery of fierce tribesmen and generations of family rivalry.

Runtime: 75 minutes
Director: Alex Sessa
Starring: Windsor Taylor Randolph, Penelope Reed, Joseph Whipp
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Final Score: 4/10


Don’t watch this movie if you want a great story and deep characters. Amazons does not have that; it’s filed with clichés and dialogue that is just enough to move the plot forward. The acting actually drops below mediocre and one of the worst offenders is the main character. The rest of the cast do an okay job, but the over the top, dramatic dialogue doesn’t help them. This keeps the tone from ever getting serious, and when you add some questionable plot points, leaves the movie on the cult end of the fantasy spectrum.

Score: .5/2


For a movie that is this cheesy, there are still a few nice moments between characters. They don’t last long but they add a little to the few characters we get to know. It doesn’t go in depth that much, but it does give us a reason to care for them a bit. A few of the characters had stories but were glossed over and never explored, though they still have some impact on the plot. The villain was nothing more than the evil overlord bent on conquering everything; which doesn’t have to be bad.

Score: 1/2



Despite the lack of development, a few of the characters do have some internal conflict. It’s not much and doesn’t affect much in the way of plot but it humanizes the characters. For a movie that is about chicks in bikinis running around with swords, it’s something. Talking about swords, the movie has several fights throughout the movie, some more realistic than others. The large-scale battles are a disappointment both in size and action, while the fight in the forest is so outrageous that it’s hard to watch. The sword fights are decent enough, but nothing really stands out either.

Score: 1/2


Special Effects

The special effects are just kind of there. There are not any stand outs, at least in a good way. Somehow the lightning magic that Kalungo uses feels cheesy, it just looks like 80s special effects in magic form. The rest of the effects go downhill from there. There’s some ghosts that show up at one point that are only watchable because the screen is flashing like a nightclub and you can’t see them. One character is a shapeshifting lion and a real lion is used, which looks awesome, but the transformation is not good.

Score: .5/2


Set/Costume Design

The sets and costumes are a mixed bag. They’re well made and most of them look great, but the designs are not the best. You either like or dislike the bikini look and this movie is based around those who wear them. They look great, they’re just not practical. The sets all look great but there is nothing special about them. They do their job without standing out. The one building that does is the home of Azundati. It has a unique design that looks cool.

Score: 1/2

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