The Dragonphoenix Chronicles (2013) Review

In a dark age the mighty Dragonphoenix Empire rules the world of Elebros with an iron fist. The fearless and enslaved warrior Dragar finally manages the escape from captivity. Taking the daughter of a high-ranking general along as hostage he begins his journey back home. Still the henchmen of the general are close on his heels.

Runtime: 126 minutes
Director: Thanos Kermitsis
Starring: Yannis Rubulias, Constantina Georganta, Thanos Kermitsis
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Final Score: 4.5/10



This movie is hard to watch. One of the few decent things about the movie is the story. It has a lot of clichés, but it’s a solid story that makes sense. A major problem, and this might just be for the English version, is that lips and voices aren’t synced. This combined with the fact that most of the dialogue is awkward or just terrible and that there are long pauses in the middle of scenes, make this a trial to watch. The actors don’t help, with only one or two who can be called good, and strange camera angles from which we watch all this unfolding.

Score: .5/2



The one thing that is noticeable is that there is little empathy in any of the characters. They don’t seem to care at all as people die around them, even people that are close. It happens, and the character moves on to other things without it affecting their story. The main characters have some motivations for what they do, but only a few are changed by the end of the movie. There is little development and most of what you see is what you get. They aren’t complex characters. Some of the relationships are okay, even if they aren’t strong or the characters themselves aren’t great.

Score: .5/2



Any internal conflict that may have occurred was glossed over. Characters are not interested in finding out why they are fighting. The fighting was the main point and that is what was focused on. And it is good. Unfortunately, the camera tended to be close and was shaky most of the time. There were very few awkward moments, and the use of magic is realistic in how it would probably be used. The fights varied in size and combatants which kept anything from getting boring. It slowly ramped in intensity until the final fight, which was kind of anticlimactic.

Score: 1/2


Special Effects

It seems like there aren’t going to be any special effects. And that’s true for a good part of the movie. But they do show up eventually and they turn out to be decent. Magic is the focus of the special effects, and while it’s not flashy, the designs and effects turned out great and look cool on screen. About the only other big effect is a costumed character that shows up and the work done on that is great. They do have blood effects throughout, but in these times, movies should be able to get blood effects right, so it’s not that big of deal.

Score: 1.5/2


Set/Costume Design

The strongest part of the designs for this movie was the costumes. All the designs looked great and had a unique feel, and they were well made. The armor that was worn was practical and looked amazing. This only makes the designs for the sets seem worse. There are not any big sets. We get the outside of a palace, some ruins, a forest and a cave. The cave is cliché evil and the rest don’t exactly amaze. There wasn’t anything bad about them, they just weren’t great.

Score: 1/2

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