Mythica: The Godslayer – Review

Runtime: 118 minutes
Director: John Lyde
Starring: Melanie Stone, Adam Johnson, Kevin Sorbo
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Final Score: 7.5/10

As the Lich King’s zombie legions ravage the world, Marek, a cursed young sorceress, embarks on a quest to obtain a weapon from the gods, with her friend Dagen, a self-serving half-elf rogue. But when she joins her sworn enemy in a desperate attempt to save the world, she must recover the good in herself before her friends are all dead, and defeat the Lich King before the gods are destroyed and the world forever enslaved.



The last movie in the Mythica series is a dark, exciting yet somewhat unsatisfying finale. Everything is leading up to the final confrontation between the characters. Characters are explored, the final quest is completed, and loyalties are tested. It does get a little dramatic at times; a couple scenes try too hard to get you to feel a connection, but the dark tone is kept throughout and feels genuine. Unfortunately, the effects of the ending are never shown and take away from the sacrifices of the characters. The ending is also bittersweet, which may or may not be a good thing. Overall, it’s a good movie that doesn’t end as well as some may want it too.
Score: 1/2

Conflict between the main characters is the focus of the movie. Events of the last movie weigh heavily on each character and they deal with it in different ways. The scenes dealing with this range from good to okay. There are also moments where backstories are revealed, but some of it feels like it could have been told in earlier movies to create stronger bonds between the characters. Overall, the characters feel connected enough that the end has some weight to it and doesn’t feel completely hollow. Even the villain has some moments with a few of the characters, giving his end some weight as well.
Score: 1.5/2

Mythica: The Godslayer has the least amount of action in the series. After a great opening fight sequence, the rest of the action comes in small bursts. The zombies do not put up a good fight and are only dangerous in large numbers. There is a scene that involves a tunnel that puts this to good use. The only other action shown on screen is the final fight. But even this fight is drawn out with dialogue and drama. There is so much fighting going on that we do not get to see, but instead hear mentioned. It’s a different take for the end of an epic fantasy.
Score: 1.5/2

Special Effects
The number of effects in the movie is impressive and most of them look great, but there still are some that are noticeable. Any effects that have to do with fire is mediocre. The lightning during the final fight is okay except where it exits the characters’ hands. The zombie makeup is good. They’re still mostly human with their flesh just beginning to fall off. The main downside is when they try to do establishing shots of the zombie army. The shot is so far away you can’t tell if they are zombies or men and no suspense is created.
Score: 1.5/2

Set/Costume Design
We actually get some buildings this time around. Some of them are new ones and some are ones we have seen before. Everything looks great as usual. The locations and the sets match the dark tone of the feel. The highlight is the chase through the tunnels, even if you can tell that the tunnels repeat. Costumes are the same for the most part with a few characters getting some changes. Unfortunately, the main character does not get a worthy outfit for the end. The locations are much the same but with added desert.
Score: 2/2